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Season 1: The World CriesEdit

Season 1 points.


Long ago on the south eastern part of the world, a great city flurished that was inhabited by magi. In their quest to make a great energy source, they iniated a very dangerous ritual. Using the Earth's Crystal, they brought about a tree known as the "Mana Tree". The Mana Tree was to be used as a great energy source for the world. Unfortunately, the tree itself developed too fast and control of it was lost. It proceeded to suck the life from the planet and everything within it's radius began to deterirate.

Around that time, the Lord Empire had discovered a capsule in which contained a number of robot personel of whom became known as the Alpha Units. These machines were able to think, plan, and have emotions just like humans, and each one was trained in a unique weapon or skill that they used for combat. All 26 were sent in to destroy the tree, and 3 were killed in action. The world leaders deemed them to be far too powerful and it was agreed to have them "decomissioned".